Our approach

We are local. We care about the UK's local communities. We want to make them better connected, to improve the liveability of our towns and cities for all. We also understand local governments, their challenges, and their priorities.

Ginger eTransport v2.png

Our approach is building a shared transport service that integrates well with local areas, working closely with local councils, addressing residents' and councils' local challenges and priorities:


GINGER Shared transport

  • An easy to use service

  • Fitting in and improving the street scene, not blighting it 

  • Working together on future road design

  • Building sustainable revenue share

  • Sharing data, learning together

  • Integration with public transport

  • Helping with related priorities:

    • Promoting and preserving our high streets and community centres

    • Real solutions to manage growth - active partnership with new major developments

    • Improving and promoting better air quality and improved quality of life

    • Working with community groups and building community cohesion

We believe that successful shared transport services deliver benefit to all residents, not just direct users.