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Shared transport of small, clean, low speed vehicles will transform UK transportation – for the better – more than any other current innovation, including autonomous electric vehicles



A committed partner in improving local transport

Ginger is an exciting new UK based shared transport service. Whether shared bikes, shared e-scooters, shared e-bikes, shared e-microcars, or any other innovative vehicle that emerges, we offer transport with the following characteristics:

  • Any point to any point travel

  • Small footprint vehicles

  • Clean, sustainably powered, efficient

  • Limited speed (typically up to 15-20 mph)

  • Fun travel - everyone knows bikes, but try an e-scooter!

  • Active travel - maximising the opportunity of bikes for all

  • Safe travel - for everyone, users and pedestrians

  • The right vehicle type for the right time, at far lower cost than owning a car

We believe that executed well, done in true partnership with local authorities, shared transport will reach critical mass. Many of the current approaches are not working. Our approach will make it work.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke